The aim of the SilverBirch team is to create a safe and friendly environment where parents can confidently leave their children in our care.

We have a highly qualified team at SilverBirch who are focused on the needs and care of our children and their families. All staff at SilverBirch are qualified at either level 2, 3 or 5 in Childcare Learning and Development or are currently undertaking their qualification.

We operate a key worker system where each child will be assigned their own key worker who will be available to give feedback to parents about their child’s development and progress at SilverBirch. 

Your child’s well-being will always be our priority so it is important to us that all parents or carers feel comfortable approaching staff and management at any time should they have any queries or concerns.

The excellent team at SilverBirch are the key to our success and the high level of care we provide to your children. Regular training courses are attended by all staff so we can continually improve on our practises and ensure that we are offering an engaging environment for all within our rooms. We aim to use as many natural resources as possible in order to challenge children and increase their experiences and learning within SilverBirch. Regular observations are carried out by your child’s key worker to ensure they are meeting all of their development stages for their age, and activities are planned on this basis. It is important to us that activities are planned to meet the needs of all children to enhance their learning experience.