The Den after schools club

We have created and provided a safe environment for all our after school children, from all backgrounds, who can come together and enjoy a stimulating and secure place of fun and learning, which allows parents/carers to work or study with the peace of mind that their child/children are being cared for.

We will drop off and collect your child from school and bring them back to SilverBirch Childcare. They are usually ready for a drink and a snack, so there are plenty of healthy options on offer. We will keep them happily entertained with lots of different activities which include arts and crafts, and physical and outdoor play. Equally if you choose your child will get support to complete their homework before being given free time to relax and recover from their hectic day at school.

Our Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs have been specially created to encourage all children to develop their social skills, form new friendships and acquire new interests in great activities, whilst having fun!

Our Afterschool has been designed as a 'Home from Home' which gives them complete independence from the little ones, so they can relax in their own space and play in their own play area. The children will make this room their own whereby we will give all the children the opportunity to give input as to what activities they would like to do as well as encourage them to develop different areas within the room to match their interests at that time. A comfy sofa area will also be available for relaxing after a hard day at school. Equally there will be an area to listen to music and read books with friends. This room is designed to enable children to play, read quietly in the book corner, or to get creative at the crafts table. There is an area specifically designed for messy play activities such as sand, water, play dough and art, craft and cooking activities