Caterpillar Room 2-3 years

By the time they reach two, most children are ready to be introduced to a more structured daily routine. They will be starting to partake in group play rather than just playing alongside other children. Every opportunity will be given for your child to make their own decisions and choices, which will help to develop their own personality.

At this stage the children will be participating in activities that are designed to teach colour recognition, basic number skills and different shapes and sizes. The rooms are light and airy and the play equipment has been carefully considered to afford children the opportunity to discover and experiment independently, within a provision of structured activities.

The room has areas specifically designed for water, sand, messy activities and mealtimes. There is a home corner and dressing up area. Imaginative play is an important part of a child’s development.

Throughout life we imitate the actions we see others taking – either independently, or as part of a group. There will be a daily sing/action rhyme time session in this room. Your child will sing and learn actions to familiar songs that we hope you will hear and see at home. The Toddlers benefit from the extensive and delightful grounds of silver birch childcare where they can run and stretch their legs or zoom around on mini tricycles or trucks. .


The day is structured around break-times and meal-times, with an organised rest period after lunch. The amount of rest and sleep varies from child to child at this age. Whatever their needs, we try to accommodate them. They settle on our low level beds, to the accompaniment of quiet music and gentle comforting from staff (depending on the child’s needs and parents request). Each child has their own individual rest bed with a set of blankets and sheets. All laundry is washed on a weekly basis and mats are cleaned with a Milton solution also on a weekly basis.

If a child chooses not to sleep they take part in a quiet activity with a member of staff. Children also need, from time to time, the opportunity to sit quietly, or rest during the day. One place which offers this is our book corner with our special kid cushions, where children can look at attractive books appropriate to their age and relax with staff. We also allow for quieter activities like jigsaw building or drawing.

The toddler room has its own children’s bathroom which has two partitioned low level toilets and low level sinks. There is also a drop down changing mat for children who are not yet potty trained. The staff in this room will work closely with parents during the potty training process.

A ‘planning board’ with themes for the month will be situated inside the room. A monthly dinner menu will also be displayed on this notice board.