Butterfly Room age 3-5

This room is designed to enable children to play with construction toys, partake in role-play in our mini home corner, read quietly in the book corner also do art at the crafts table.

There is an area specifically designed for messy play activities such as sand, water, play dough and art, craft and cooking activities. In this room we aim to have mostly natural resources where the children are encouraged to explore the world around us.

We aim to have most of the resources and equipment stored at the children’s level. This encourages children to develop more independence in selecting and carrying out activities. Each day there are some planned activities which will be put out in the room for when the children arrive. Children are encouraged to develop independence and to encourage this all resources boxes have corresponding pictures and written labels to enable children to recognise the box they need when both selecting resources to use as well as tidying activities away.

The emphasis is on promoting learning. The atmosphere is relaxed and the children progress at their own pace. Teaching is informal but carefully planned and structured following the required guidelines. The programme throughout the nursery is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage with emphasis on developing social skills, forming friendships and role play. Language and communication skills are promoted through fun activities and during circle and story times.

The curriculum promotes learning through play with a balance of both structured play with adult-led activities and opportunities for free play in and around the playroom and the grounds. There are times for fun and discovery, for exploring and letting off steam, for quiet play and stories, for craft and messy play and for making friendships with their key worker and with the other children. We pay particular attention to personal and social skills wanting our children to be considerate and kind, with a good self-esteem and developing confidence to make sense of the world they live in.

Careful consideration is given to the format of the day. The six areas of learning are covered with routines, activities and planning. We value unplanned opportunities and are flexible with our planning in response to the changing weather, children’s immediate interests, recent experiences and visitors. The children have opportunities to access all our resources and to participate in our planning process.

When our children move on to school they will start to use a phonic reading programme to help with early reading. In preparation for this we encourage them to develop their listening skills and to enjoy rhythm, music, stories and role play. We draw their attention to the sounds around us and to the words we use in conversation.

Individual levels of achievement matter to us and we value their play and involvement and the enthusiasm they show for a busy and fun day with us. Learning journeys are shared with parents through daily interaction at drop off and pick up time.