SilverBirch Childcare provides a safe, fun and educational environment where children are valued and respected. Children can develop, grow and make lasting friendships all with the guidance and support of fully trained and experienced staff.

At SilverBirch Childcare we aim;

  • To work in partnership with parents to give you child the best start in life.

  • To provide a high quality Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in a warm and friendly environment, where children can achieve and have fun learning through play

  • To value and respect all children and parents.

  • To create an ethos of high expectations that respect differences and encourages lifelong learning.

  • To inform and empower you to best support your child’s learning, development and well-being.

  • To provide a service that recognises and responds to the carrying needs of our local community.

  • To strive for excellence in all that we do.


About Us


SilverBirch Childcare is a new setting in Magherafelt which was established in August 2015. We have a purpose built facility in which we aim to offer an engaging and exciting environment for all children can develop and learn through play.

Our team at SilverBirch have a wide variety of skills and expertise which will enhance your child’s learning. Our team will endeavour to share their skills to promote a wide range of activities within the setting to encourage your child to develop and widen their interests. We aim to use natural resources both within the rooms and in the outside area including a growing area where children can grow their own vegetables.

SilverBirch Childcare can take from 6 weeks up to 12 years of age. We are registered to take up to 68 children and offer both full-time and part-time places. We will be open from 7.30am-6pm, a copy of all holidays taken by SilverBirch will be given to parents at registration.

Every aspect of a child's needs have been considered and we have worked closely with the appropriate Agencies to ensure that we offer a safe, secure and caring environment for the children.

We believe that a child's time at nursery should be used to lay the foundations for lifelong learning. We pledge that your child will:

  • Have fun while learning through play
  • Be warm, safe and secure
  • Be respected and valued

We will ensure it is a secure environment from the time that they are entrusted into our care until they are ready to progress on to the last stages of school years. Our qualified staff will nurture their minds through individual attention and encourage active participation within their group, developing social skills and preparing them for formal education.

The nursery has been divided into playrooms to meet the different age and development needs of the children attending, from babies to toddlers to inquisitive 2-3 year olds and onwards to our pre-school room for 3-5’s and after schools. In addition to the playrooms we also have a sleep room and a baby changing room both located in our baby room. Each room is bright and welcoming. Each room has an area which will allow your child to develop their creative skills including baking, painting, sand and water play. All rooms will also be equipped with a library corner for quiet times.

At SilverBirch we have incorporated the iconnect system. This is an all-round management system which includes a feature where parents can download an app onto their phone or gain access through the internet whereby they can see their child’s progress throughout the day. This system not only cuts out paperwork in the rooms which takes up valuable time when staff could be interacting with the children, but it also gives you a direct link to your child throughout your working day. You can log in at any time to receive both written feedback as well as pictures and videos of your child’s day, you will also be given the opportunity to provide feedback as well as share milestones that your child has met at home with the nursery staff to provide a more holistic approach to your child’s care and development.  Download the ParentZone User Manual

You will receive more information on how to get signed up at registration.